Your Brand, Our Experts

The expert marketers at Click Blitz will work with you to learn the strengths and vision for your business, then use that knowledge to place your business in front of customers who would benefit from your services. While you focus on running your business, we handle the marketing and lead generation. We will refine your message, create ads that engage your desired customer, then connect you with that lead so you can close the deal.

Our Services

Social Media Advertising

Target your perfect audience and engage them immediately.

Email Campaigns That Work

Email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools in our arsenal. We can help you deliver the perfect message at just the right time to engage your customers.


You know those ads that follow you around the internet after you click on a product or service? That’s retargeting. By placing your content in front of your customers multiple times a day, we drastically increase the likelihood that they will engage the ad, then purchase. Besides being one of our favorite strategies, it is one of the most targeted and cost effective ways to advertise.


All of the digital marketing platforms are using more and more video to promote businesses, highlight products and services, and engage customers. Campaigns that utilize video see 75% more engagement than those with just text/photos. Let us help you create outstanding video content for your brand!

Why Click Blitz?

  • We Design/Write The Copy
  • We Create The Sales Funnel
  • We Deliver The Leads And Keep Them Coming
  • We Have The Skills
  • We Have The Team
  • We Deliver Results
  • We’re Kinda Awesome!